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, they may not dangers that people here in the u-s are worried about too. phe radiation is leaking from two nuclear reactors along thh pacific coast, that were heavvly daaaged by the earthquake. then yesterday, another explosion shook the region, damaging a containment poolland exposing part or all of the nuclear fuel rods iim still very concerned about what might happen to these are designed to not fail, but - so many things that were not supposed happen have hhppened or things that were supposed to happen have noo happened. elevated radiation levels were detected 25 miles south of ttkyo.and now, there's fear in the u-s about radiation poisoning here.many people are buying anti-radiation company has already sold out......another medication doesn't require a prescription.but, health officials on the west coast say... the distanne between japan anddthe united states will disperse almost all of the radiaaion before it even getsshere.washington state ii nearly 5 thousand miles froo japan.we are nearly 7-thousand miles away here n baltimore. as fears over radiation poisoning gr
want. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and youresponse could air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segmenttjust go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. 3 33 fiber map 3 police the murder of a 19 year old n girl in waverly. for the violence to really end ... police say neighbors need to stop átalkingá about action ... and ssart áttkingá it. joel d. mith isslive that. good morning joel d. good mornnng patrice, we are almost a full week from when this murder happened, but instead of it getting easier to live with, the opposite is happening here. (ad lib) neighbors took to the streets last night with a message for the killer. walking n a largeegroup to show unity, and a call for change thee were thinking of 19-year old tanise ervin....was shot dead investigators believe she was an innocent bystaader who was visiting the corner store....when bullets started and killed.... police believe she was caught in the crossfire. the killer was probably targeting someone else. but that doesn't 807 ts sad r
more... to use some of maryland's roads, tunnels and bridges. bridges.the maryland transportation authority says it would happen over a three year period.with the first round of hikes... at nearly 30- percent... begining possibly this year. (woman) "why should we, i mean we're spending enough money on gas.. why should we pay more on tolls.."(man) "i mean i think that users ought to be paying fees for what they get. so, it doesn't reelly offend m" me."authority officials say they need bout 70-million dollars annually to maintain aging roads and pay the rising costs of debt service.but at this point, raising tolls is just an idee to raise ttose funds.before anything happens...the authority saas there will be public hearings possibly in june and july. another suggestion to raise money is to mmke tolls all would ease traffic and allow the agency to aise rates more often.but officials say doing that can be very expensive and it's not &plikely to happen.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 the state senate moves closer the alcohol sales tax. tax.the bill would phase in
health. health.lead us not into temptation.why one new study says.. going to church.. could be what's making you overweight. overweight.musical natt nats shrek: the musical.. invades ba. baltimoree31:!4-come on in inwe take you backstage. monday, march 28th 3 3 map fiber map an overnight double shooting in northeast balitmore leaves one person dea. dead. it happened late last night on elmley avenue. two 17 year olds were shot.. as they sat in a was hit in the back.. and later died from his injuries.the other... shot in the arm and is in serious ... but stable pondtion this word yet on suspects or motives. an elderly man is hit by an amtrak train and killed. killed. it happpned early saturday morning, around one a-m... on the tracks at east preston street ann broadway... near penn station. the victim is northeast regional train 177 was traveling from boston to washington d.c. when it hit him. theee were more than 100 passengers on the train at the time. no one else was hhrt. the train was delayed almost 2 hours. president barack obama
... the us supreme court recently ruled in the churches favor... protecttng theer first amendment some state and local officials, still believe picketing these funerals is wrong and they're trying to restrict it in the future... without violating the first amendment. (shoemakkr) "i would prefer that they wouud be in the next county someplace but 500 feet may be right, could be a thousa" thousand."today's hearing will be heard at one o'clock this afternoon, before the senate judicial proceedings committee. as this bill gets examined further... others like it are also in the works... congressman dutch puppersberger is also proposing the 'safe haven for heroes prohibits five hours before.. or after the event and would also keep protesters more then 25- funeral facility. megan he - gilliland, fox45 morning news. that brings us to our question of the day:should there be restrictions on protests at funerals?we'll be taking your calls in our 7 o'clock hour. you can also go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think... or sound off through facebook. send us a tweet..
.about want.let us know what's on your mind-- and your response pould air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. 3 3 map-fiber-map 3 governor o'malley declares a state f emergency because of the torrential rains.the national guard was called to activv service.roads were closed...and some areas evacuated. 3& and the effect of all that rain is far reaching. joel d. smith is live in mt. washiigton where many businesses were evacuated yesterday. good morning joel d. how does it look now? good morning joel d. good morning and as bad as this is, it was even worse yest. yesterday. look here as the the jones falls 3 yesterday's seeminglyyendless rain... caused problems for residents all across the region.but nothing beats what happened o one ohio family's h. home.take a look... the sparks family watched... as their home was swept away by a nearby river.owner john sparks says he spent the last 27 years of his life in that home. he's now planning to rebuild. but áthisá time... farther from t
. neiihbors who live in this east baltimore neighborhood say, sadly, they're getting used to this violence. 3 i just heard the gunshots ann first thing i did was try and butt the young kids now they don't have no respect for nobody for no elders police responded to two more shootings friday on past hoffman street, where two men were shot. another... on ooem venue, whhre two 18 year old men were shot..nd it doesn't end there, early saturday morning... a 21-year-old wassshot and killed on mcmmchen street.two others were alss hurt in that gunfire. last night the violence nly continues... with three more shootings... in north west baltimore that police now say are all reeated.this was the a man wws shot in the head and - chest.moments later, two peeple were found shot on reisterstown road and coldspring..nd shortly after that another person was shot on loyola northway. thh list of shootings is far larger than the six we've highlighted this morning.those were the most serious out this violent weekend.police are 11:30 ttis morning to update t us on the investigations... and maybe give u
-c elementary school students... siccened after using crack cocaine... are now back in class.the students fellow classmate brouggt it in to authorities are trying to figure out how the 10 ear-old got a hold of it in the first place. prosecutors say the boy found the cocaine... in the back seat of his stepfather's car on the wwy to school.but a search of the car turned up nothing.the family is now battling for custody of the child. are your children as safe as they should be in your car?there are new guidelines for child ssfety seats ... but for parents it may mean sacrificing convenience. joel d. smitt is live in north baltimore to explain. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib) the national highway traffic safety administration is now aavising parents to keep kids in rear faaing positions as long as possible... basically as long as they'll fit in these seats properly. for a simpler way of thinking abbut it, they are recommending keepinn kids in rear faciig seats until they are two. why? t's all about head protection. most accidents occur
they're used to it. (2:29)there's nothing you can do aaout it...its gonna flood...its gonna flood....and you just deal with it.... maryland's emergency management agency released an advisory yesterday... saying if you must drive... please exercise caution and patience for state highway crews handling emergencies. you might want to givee yourself ome extra time getting to work this morning... as that heavy rain continues to fall across the state.many counties are still uuder severe weather warnings....advisoriessor watches.all of this... just in time for the morning commute. candace dold is live in caaton with a look at how things are shaping up out there now. ad libb -mema--emergency prrparedness -periods of mooerate to heavy rain wwll move into the region ahead of a cold front late tonight through thursday. by the time the front clears the area thursday evening, two the three inches of rain will be possible. 3 you can track the storm down to your neighborhood. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore dot com. use the inneractive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go
the victim... no names, no gender or age... all they're telling us at this hour... is that... paramedics and fire orts of fighters... one person has dded as a result of thhs fire. fire.take a look at this video &pfrom the scene... amidst alll the smoke lingering innthe night ky... you can ee fire crews surrounding the home here t the intersection of springdale avenue and el dorado avenue.ffames broke out aroond 11:30 last night.when firefighters arrived,,all but one of the residents had made it out of the home.crews rushed inside the burning home... and that's whhn they found thh victim... lying unconscious on the second floor.outside, neighbors watched as a fire fighters pulled out a stretcher. we're all concerned. we dont know him but hes our neighbor this is a great neighorbhood and we're concerned about eachotter in this neighborhoodd &pneighborhood.again, we have learned that the victim, found still no word on what caused this fire.investigators will likely return to the home later today.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a teenage boy from baltimore county is dead this morning
with terminal or chronic illness... should be allowed to use pot ... to relieve their pain. several patients who've used medical marijuana in the past ... testified before lawmakers monday. (considine) "we can't ome to this body of laamakers and say this is why this works, we can't give them the why, we can jjst ggve them the anecdotal evidence that it work" works."(sharfstein) "if there is to be access that it's narrowly drawn to particular conditions for whichhthere's evidence that t actually works, not just anyone who thinks they might benefit, that's not a standard we apply to other drugs." drugs."a similar bill passed the state senate last year ... but didn't survive a house committee vote. as maryland considers legalizing medical marijuana ... synthetic versions of the drug become illegal nationwide. starting today.. five of the chemicals found in synthetic marijuana are now banned.the drug is sold in drug paraphernalia shops and online .. and is commonly known as spice or k-2.a ban on the drug repoots offbad reactions to the chemicals .. including seizures, hallucinations and dependency
maryland.they were held against their will as in this particular case :14 how one of the girls used technology to escape... and just how widespread the problem is. is.a car recalled.... because of ábugs.áthe kind of insect one mazda model is attracting.. and what they're doing to fix it. it.óóóó you are.... are....america picks.. its top 13 singers.! safe!find oot if your favorite made it through on american idol. priiay, march 4th 3 it's friday and that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and your response could air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. 3 3 fiber map 3 a human trafficking ring in maryland is busted up after a 19 year old girl texts her mother that she was being held captive. joelld. smith is live in linthicum where a number of girls were being held,,while online ads were luring in customers. good morning joel d. good morning megan, police say services were offered and pic
nuclear power plaat injures several more greg black tells us... it's the second explosion there since saturday. plumes of thick white smoke over the fukushima daiichi (foo-koo-shee-mah die-eee-chee) nuclear power plant on monday.the blast is the second at that facility since saturday.radiation levels outside the plant remain elevated...but thee japanese government says the blasts doesn't pose an immediate safety or health risk.still... people there birth soon. i want to know ive exactly what is oing on at the nuclear plant. i'm scared. experts say the ttreat of a peltdown is still very real, despite ongging efforts to cool the reactor's core wiih sea's a task made even harder because the earthquake knockee out the facility's electricity and the massive tsunami flooded its backup generators.supposedly, they had battery back-ups. they generally have on site electrical generation. but what happened with that tsunami, i have no idea. i mean, we never anticipated the tsunami.meanwhile, aa the search for survivors continues, japan's prime minister made a plea for str
to fox45 morning news for continuing coverage of thhs story. an attorney sits down to talk to us... about some of the charges the owner could face.that's coming up later this morning. we have a stunning new view of the tsunami that washed across earthquake last - nd sticks would normmlly clog a raging river... but in japan... as the tsunami rushed and boaas clog the water. &p<> :05>>a wall of water more than 20 feet high pushed away nearly everything in its path. and it went as far as 6 miles inland. podayy.. hawaii goveenor neil &pabercrombie is expected to visit some of the aaeas hit hardest by powerful waves.the governor says ... last week's millions of dollars in damage. he's since signnd a "state of disaster proclamation"... which allows the state to get as he &pdeathhtoll in apan continues help. joel h. d. smith is llve at ameeican red cross of central maryland to show us some of the many ways we can donate money, and know it's going to the right place. ggod morning joel d.. good morning pa
girl reportee missing. police telling us just a couple hours ago about 12 year old faith sewell. once again she was last seen in this area of greemount avenue around 8:40 last night. police say she is an endangered runaway, and they need help locating her. live in north baltimore, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. meanwhile... the search continues for 16 year old phylicia barnes... who vanished over two months ago. the north carolina teen was visiting relatives here in baltimore... when sse disappeared without a trace. police have received more than 1-hundred tips... but none have turned up any answers. aayone with information ii asked to call police. 3 put down the phone.. it is now illegal for you to send or read... texts while driving. driving.the maryland senate from doing just that... including at stop lights.the bill passed last night n a be finnd to to 500- dollars. it's a bill that lawmakers say.. will say lives. (robey) "at 50, 60 , 70 miles an hour which a lot of people drive nowadays, you need your full attention....four five or six seconds." 3 seconds."the bill also ba
months. joel d. smith is live at the canton pier to tell us more about where they are needed now. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib) 3 3 3 fans and fellow artists are remembering hip hop legend nate dogg... who died tuesday 41.the rapper's manager believes he may have died from complications following two strokes.throughout his life... nate dogg collaboratee with a number of artists... including dogg. actress and inger selena gomez... is speaking out about the dangers of cyber bullying. the disney star says she's become a victim of bullying... because of her relationship with teen heart throb... pustii bieber.speaking out on a new york radio show... omez says it really hurts when fans insult her online. "the reason why i spoke upp abouttthat is it's basically &ppike cyber bullying, whichhha been a really big issue amongst all the teen girls, i told jj that it hurts, because it does, i'm human." human."gomez says she ádoesá understand jealousy.the disney star says she hated katie cassidey when she dated her &pcelebrity crush, jeese mccartney. ever feel guilly about
the teens are found.they are waking up at home for the first time this week.candace dold joins us live this tell us about the questions suurounding the case. the two teens were found in woodlawn just before 10 o-clock last night. now baltimore county police are gathering more information about the case. case.12-year-old azaria (a-czar-ee-a) griffin ... and her 14-year-old friend... tierra (tee-air-a) taylor wwnt missing around 5 oclock saturday night.they were seen hanging out near a discount store on liberty road.a friend claimeddthe the girls were picked up by an older man in his late teens orrearlier twenties.the girls vanished and that sent their mmthers on a frantic search for answers. i panicked immediately.. .i called the young witness iigot as much information as i could, i called 911 forwarded that information to them, oncc they arriveddthey questioned my husband and ysell and they needed to do to locate the gir. girls. again... the irls have been is still unclear if they were abducced or went police have been interviewing . the girls and are treetin
, they use pat downs and body scans...but some lawmakers say they've overssepped their boundaries. boundaries."call it what it's sexual assault.." assault.."they want t-s-a workers punished as sex offenders... and put on the sex offender wasn't a large crowd in support of the bill too criminalize patdowns and body scans in new hampshire... but the support was man says the heightened seccrity procedures cost him a trip home for the holidays ii december. "this time the news is talking about enhanced patdowns .. i cried on the phone with my mother that i did not wish to submit to enhanced patdowns." some who support the bill say the t-s-a needs to do away with random passenger screenings.... and only search passengers who look or act suspicious.critics argue that's only going to lead to more cases of profiling. as for the t-s-a... officials won't comment on the penddng legiilation, only o say that security check points are b-w-i, megan gilliland, fox45 - morning news. we want to know what you think. should t-s-a patdowns be considered a sex offense?it's our qu
felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. people in one california community are in shock... surfaces... showing a fist fight between two teenage boys. but the most bizzrre part of this story... is that the mother of one of the teens is áencouragingá the whole brawl. as andrea enniti explains... she's now ffcing criminal charg. charges. (nats from video)the video of a pair the two boys will not bb charged.police say they're both victims in this case. coming up... sacrificing comfort... for that designer label shoe reaaly worth top dollar? consumer reports sizes up your options. but next... grab an couud soon be a shortage in 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 33) ((bump in)) coming up... a doll... that teaches young girls how to breast
and a half... but assured us all... that her life's mission will continue to focusson educating i guess we'll soon learn. leaan..t 72 years old... her decision still comes as a surprise to her staff and to the state board.some wondered if the sudden departure was &ppolitically motivated... sinc grasmick and governor omalley butted heads as he began his first term in 2007.that's when he and house speaker mike miller urged her to step down. (34:23)this was my decision and the timing was my decision that may not have been true had it been four years ago but there a lot of water over the ddm in terms of those four and years.....grasmick leaves behind a track record as a champion for many of the progressive education reforms. she was the first feeale to hold the title n marylandand the longest serving appointed school chief in the united states.during her time, education week ranked maryland public schools he best in the nation twicee since her resignation does come a surprise... the process of finding a new state superintendant is just beginning.megan gilliland, fox45 morn
's like something out of a science fiction movie. to rid the world of ann annoying pest...... the u.s. government is cultivating another annoying pest. joel d. smith is live in delaware today where the solution to stink bugs could lie inside the walls of a research center. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib) 3 3 kittens meowing two kittens are lucky to be inside the wall... of a tuck - florida home.the home owner says she's not quite sure how they got there... or where they even came from... but says she started hearing their little "meews"... and called for help.rescue crees smashed in walls... and used mini cameras... to locate the kittens.after átwo daysá... the brother and sister were finally pulled to safety. coming up... it's not the ruling many wanted to hear... hear..."eight justices don't have the common sense god gave a goat." goat."why the supreme court ruled in favor of a church known for picketing funerals. you're watching foo 45 morning news.. all looal.. all morning. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) we sayythanks to men and women who make sacrifices to ab
-to-back tornadoes are seen sweeping through. plus later... a trainer uses c-p-r... to bring a dog back to life.we show you the heroic moments... caught on tape. morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 7)) they are miiiscule in size...yet cause enormous panic in parents. if you have a child... head lice is unfortnately a potential threat. dr. mallika marshall hasssome important informatioo to share with parents. parents. 01:00:00:02to01:00:05:09lower third (fade in): "dr mallika marshall" lice diagnosis and are tiny insects that are harr to detect, yet they're easily spread. the little critters cause intense itching and small red bumps on the scalp and neck. their eggs or "nits" look kind of like dandruff. head lice are not caused by poor hygiene; they marshall transition. mallika discriminate.01:00:14:22lower third: can live for 30 days on your scalpthey can live up to 30 days on your scalp ann can be passed along01:00:17:20to 01:00:20:18lower third: can e passed along by, brushes, clothing, or beddingby sharing brushes, clothing oo bedding. unlike body lice, head lice don't carry
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22